Find out the most effective way to learn a language with the help of your personal trainer.

How to reach your goals ?

Bespoke language training

Conversation round tables


1) Bespoke language training

Individual language coaching for managers and employes at medium-sized companies.
Fast practical results


→ 100% tailor-made

→ One-on-one coaching

 → All levels 

2) Conversation round tables

You want to keep up your language skills after an individual coaching? Then our conversation round table concept with an experienced language coach is perfect for you!  

Max. 6 participants

→ Continuous enrolment

From B1 level and above 

3) Workshops

Our workshops allow you to improve specific skills such as telephoning, meeting, presenting, writing, etc. 

→ Max. 6 participants

→ Consult our calendar

→ All levels

Who will help me improve my languages?

Ingrid Weinberger

Founder of Online Language Coach

They did it – now it’s your turn!

They did it – now it’s your turn!