Find out the most effective way to learn a language with the help of your personal trainer.

How to reach your goals ?

Bespoke language training

Conversation round tables


1) Bespoke language training

Whether it is for work, study or interest, our tailor-made coaching offers you a course adapted to your needs and fully personalised.


→ 100% tailor-made

→ One-on-one / in pairs / in groups

 → All levels


2) Conversation round tables

You want to improve and keep up your language skills in a friendly environment? Then our conversation round table concept is perfect for you! Guided by your trainer, you will talk in small groups about various topics.


→ From B1 level and above

→ Max. 6 participants

→ Continuous enrolment


3) Workshops

Our workshops allow you to improve specific skills such as telephoning, meeting, presenting, writing, etc. We also organise workshops on cultural themes.


→ All levels

→ Max. 6 participants

→ Consult our calendar


Who will help me improve my languages?

Ingrid Weinberger

Founder of Online Language Coach

They did it – now it’s your turn!

They did it – now it’s your turn!