Our vision

Standing still is going backwards !

The time of ink wells and white chalk is long gone !
Our lifestyle is different than our parents’
and our children are growing up in a
high-tech environment.

Learning methods evolve too : we want greater flexibility
and more user-friendliness.


Learning where and when it suits us!

We’ve all experienced the world of remote working and distance learning since 2020 with a relative degree of satisfaction.

Thanks to our teaching experience in online language learning since 2015, we have taken full advantage of this to optimise our teaching skills.


Many people learn languages as a way to socialize
with their fellow students.

This important aspect stays the same :

• You have personal contact with your coach.

• Depending on the type of course you have contact with the other student(s) in your class.

• We offer a variety of exercises : images, audio, authentic material.


This makes language learning efficient and fun !